"The books that help you the most are those which make you think the most.” Theodore Parker

Member Booksellers

The following booksellers are members of the Alliance:

56a in London is a volunteer-run, 100% unfunded DIY-run bookshop and social centre in Walworth, South London. http://www.56a.org.uk/

Active Distribution is a well-known grass-roots and not-for-profit punk music and radical literature distributor based out of London, but whose stalls turn up at events all over Europe. http://www.activedistribution.org/

AK Press and Distribution based in Glasgow not only publishes anarchist texts under their own imprint, but also distributes and sells a range of anarchist and related books, magazines, pamphlets, journals, t-shirts and badges. http://www.akuk.com/

Andrew Burgin based in London is an internet-based seller of political ephemera, providing an as wide as possible collection of graphic and ephemeral material from the political and social struggles of the last 50 years. http://www.andrewburgin.co.uk/

Aye-Aye Books in Glasgow is an art bookshop with radical intent. We carry a range of books about art and by artists, particularly small-run and self-published titles, alongside books that look at the theoretical, social and political context. We have many books about radical thought and movements, left-wing and anarchist politics. We have magazines and journals, zines and pamphlets, experimental fiction and poetry, locally produced CDs, vinyl and cassettes, multicultural children’s books.

Bookish Type an independent queer bookshop in Leeds https://thebookishtype.co.uk

Bookmarks in London is an independent bookshop that specialises in Marxist theory, economics and socialist history. http://www.bookmarksbookshop.co.uk/cgi/store/bookmark.cgi

Calder Bookshop in London is a beautiful shop in the shadow of the Old Vic, with its own adjoining mini-theatre, and a specialism in political theory and theatre books. http://www.calderbookshop.com

Calton Books is Glasgow’s independent radical bookshop, wearing it’s politics on its sleeve. Stocking t-shirts, badges, books, hoodie’s, flags and much more. Shipping worldwide. http://www.calton-books.co.uk/

Category Is Books are fiercely independent Queer and LGBT Bookshop in Glasgow https://www.categoryisbooks.com

Connolly’s Wee Book Shop, now trading online only, selling second-hand books with a radical bent https://www.weebookshop.net/

Cowley Club in Brighton is a collectively run libertarian centre, which houses a cafe and bookshop during the day, a members bar during the evenings. http://www.cowleyclub.org.uk/

Dreadnought Books in Bristol is an independent second-hand bookshop specialising in history, with a particular focus on radical, social and labour history. Also carrying a broad general stock catering to most interests. http://dreadnoughtbooks.co.uk

eco-logicbooks.com is  an online retailer of environmental titles based in Bath, and can be found at eco-logicbooks.com.

Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham is the bookshop of Five Leaves Publications specialising in history, politics, fiction, poetry, lesbian and gay, counterculture, psychology, weird and wonderful, international writing, magazines and journals http://www.fiveleavesbookshop.co.uk/

Freedom Press in London is is a long-standing anarchist bookshop and publisher based in Whitechapel, East London. http://www.freedompress.org.uk/news/

Gay’s The Word in London is the UK’s pioneering first (and is today the last surviving) lesbian and gay bookshop. Based in London, it opened in 1979. http://freespace.virgin.net/gays.theword/

Housmans in London is a long-running radical bookshop in the King’s Cross area. It is a not-for-profit and non-sectarian bookshop, specialising in books, zines, and periodicals of radical interest and progressive politics. http://www.housmans.com/

Hyrda Books in Bristol are radical booksellers set up by a group formed around the Bristol Radical History Group. http://www.hydrabooks.org/

La Biblioteka is a progressive bookshop in Sheffield https://labiblioteka.co

Left on the Shelf in Kendal is a specialist second hand bookseller of material on all topics to do with Socialism. http://www.leftontheshelfbooks.co.uk/

Letterbox Library in London is a  leading supplier of multicultural, non-sexist and special issue books for children. http://www.letterboxlibrary.com/

Lighthouse in Edinburgh is a wonderful radical bookshop, a new incarnation of Word Power http://lighthousebookshop.com

Lockdown Books is a bookshop in Kington, Herefordshire with a focus on political, social and green issues, alongside landscape, ecology, feminist, queer, poetry, art, magic, life. Stocking a range of handmade books, letterpress broadsides, chapbooks and posters, independent and small presses. We may also have some art for sale.

Newham Bookshop is East London’s leading independent bookseller. http://newhambooks.co.uk/

News from Nowhere in Liverpool is the leading radical & community bookshop for the city. It is a not-for-profit worker’s co-operative committed to social change. http://www.newsfromnowhere.org.uk/

Northern Herald Books is a bookseller selling mostly secondhand books, specialising in most aspects of left-wing politics and history, particularly anarchism and marxism. I sell primarily via stalls at events and conferences, but also by mail order. In addition, I cover a wide range of other subjects, attending academic conferences; these include labour history, social and economic history, women’s history, economics and industrial relations. Based in West Yorkshire https://www.pbfa.org/members/northern-herald-books

October Books in Southampton is an independent community bookshop and not-for-profit cooperative based in the Portswood area of Southampton. http://www.octoberbooks.org/

People’s Bookshop in Durham specialising in radical politics, with primarily second-hand stock. http://peoplesbookshop.co.uk/

Portal Bookshop in York with a focus on Science Fiction, Fantasy and all of the LGBTQIA books we can source from the UK, the US and beyond. https://the-portal-bookshop.square.site

Printed Matter in Hastings, specialising in sociology, philosophy, psychology, political science, criminology, social history, economics, art & culture, music, nature and fiction. http://www.printedmatterhastings.co.uk

Quaker Centre Bookshop in London carries stock informed by Quaker faith and work, with books on peace, social justice, anti-racism, politics, LGBT rights, activism, ecology, feminism and religion and spirituality, as well as a large selection of progressive and spiritual children’s books.

Reading International Solidarity Centre in Reading is a Development Education Centre based in Reading and the aim of the bookshop is to support and promote the key principles of global citizenship, including social justice and human rights. http://www.risc.org.uk/worldshop/books

Rubicund in Falmouth is a radical bookshop, vegan cafe and lending library. https://www.rubicund.co.uk/

Shelflife Books and Zines in Cardiff are not-for-profit booksellers focused on making space for marginalised voices, stocking books from independent, micro- and self- publishers. https://www.shelflifebookshop.com/

Soma Books in South London is an independent bookshop specialising in Indian books and fair trade crafts. http://www.somabooks.co.uk/

The Feminist Bookshop is an independent bookshop, vegan cafe and event space based in Central Brighton. https://thefeministbookshop.com

The Second Shelf in London is a snug independent bookstore focusing on works by women, including rare & first editions. https://www.thesecondshelf.com

Veggies is volunteer-led, a community-based, social enterprise based in Nottingham, who travel the country to provide vegan catering and reading material at a range of social and political events.